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My Dear Friend,
On this page you’ll find something you have never seen before! We have created a unique self-replicating viral funnel that uses the power of leverage, and will build an army of affiliates that will promote for you on full autopilot!


It’s actually so simple but still, in my 19 years of being an Internet marketer I haven’t seen anything quite like this before. And in a world of rehashed garbage, this is something really special!

It all comes down to this:

-> Drive traffic to your squeeze page

-> Promote one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the world

-> Let the magic of the script replicate the process over and over again

Alright so how does this work exactly and what is the funnel promoting?

The funnel simply promotes a product that EVERY internet marketer needs, which is an autoresponder!

The autoresponder promoted is Trafficwave.net, which is quite similar to companies like Aweber and Getresponse for instance.

Trafficwave has been in business since 2000 (!) so it’s a reputable company which can easily compete with much more expensive solutions.

They only charge a flat fee of just $17.95 for unlimited lists and unlimited subscribers, which is an awesome deal for people who want to get started building their list (which every online marketer should be doing basically).

On top of that they have the most lucrative affiliate program in the world, which pays affiliates up to 10 levels deep!

Here’s an overview of the pay plan:

Fast Track Bonuses

For each sale they pay 100% commissions the first month, so each sale brings in $17,95. The fast-track bonuses are paid weekly either by check or straight to your Paypal account.

Monthly Commissions

After that you get paid monthly commissions up to 10 levels deep. This means you only need a handful of sales yourself. These are paid monthly again by check or to your Paypal account.

Leadership Bonuses

Leadership bonuses are bonuses which can’t be underestimated. This simply means they pay up to 50% of your personally referred sales, which is simply awesome due to the amazing pay-out system which pays up to ten levels deep.

Quite frankly, I haven’t seen a combination of such a high quality product with such a generous affiliate program. And if you think about the fact that EVERYBODY simply needs an autoresponder, this is the perfect product to promote!

So how does the funnel work?

1. People subscribe to your high converting squeeze page

2. After confirming their email, they should get a paid Trafficwave account through your affiliate link on an awesome sales page

3. They enter their Trafficwave Username

4. The Script Generates The Exact Same Funnel For Them On Full Autopilot With Just One Click, With THEIR Affiliate Link And Opt-In Code Embedded


So what does this mean? Well it’s simple, everybody that joins can immediately start building their list and promoting the funnel and help YOU get sales. You are paid through 10 levels remember, so every sale results in higher monthly commissions.

This is so simple, yet so ingenious that I’m really surprised nobody else has come up with a powerful system like this.

And now you can get your hands on this amazing done-for-you funnel for just $1!



freebonusesTake action now and receive these bonuses:

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In this Facebook group I have posted a unique method you can use to get started. You’ll be blown away by the simplicity of it, and the fact that you don’t need any experience at all!

Well if this amazing offer hasn’t convinced you yet, then I think it might be better of looking for a regular job. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but well, that’s probably how it is.



So if you ARE a person who is looking to succeed online, take action now by following these 2 simple steps:

>>> Join Trafficwave Through This Affiliate Link

You HAVE to join Trafficwave for a paid account through this affiliate link. That’s mandatory not only to get the funnel (you’ll soon find out why), but also to be eligible for commissions. And guess what?

The same rules apply for the people you promote the funnel to as they need a paid TW account in order to make sales themselves, increasing your conversions.

All set with the Trafficwave account? Get this complete funnel for just $1 below!

$1.00 Done for You Viral Sales Funnel

PS: Even if you’re a complete newbie at internet marketing, this is the perfect way to get started. His is not an offer you buy and you are left on your own. We have an active community of like-minded people who just like you want to succeed, and better yet want YOU to succeed to!

PPS: If you get on the thank you page, you’ll find a nice little surprise there too.

PPPS: Please don’t buy the funnel without getting a Trafficwave account through the link on this page. Getting a PAID account through this link is mandatory. Thank you!