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Dear Fellow Marketer,

Dan G. Fox here, and I know this may sound a little crazy, but have you ever joined a membership site that will actually get you paid every single month?

Then you need to read this page, because soon it will become totally clear. And i'm pretty sure you'll be just as excited as the hundreds of people before you. 

First of all, Lead-Swaps is the ultimate list building platform, with tons of cool features to help you grow your list, check out what you'll find inside:

As you can see, everything you need to grow a big and profitable list is included on our amazing platform, and there are hundreds of members inside using the platform to grow their lists.

But we wanted more!

We used to charge $19.95 per month to get access to our platform, which was actually a pretty good deal.

However, we have come up with an amazing new system that will ensure you get paid simply for joining our site. That's right, if you join our platform, you WILL make money!

So i'm sure you're wondering how that's possible right? It's fairly simple...

We wanted to create a system that will help people make money, regardless if they are complete newbies, or experienced internet marketers. That's why we are working together with an awesome and reputable autoresponder company called

Trafficwave has a unique and super lucrative affiliate program, that allows you to make money 10 levels deep!

So how can we ensure you make money? We will send you your first sale! By doing so, you'll make money from everybody that joins after you. Here you can see your income when you got 1 personal referral (which we will provide for you):

The way we have set up the system, we can guarantee you'll earn $45 every single month, without even referring 1 person yourself! Remember, as soon as you join WE will promote YOUR affiliate link and bring in your first active sale.

So simply by joining today, you'll get full access to all Lead-Swaps features, and even get paid a $45 every single month for doing so!

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And it gets even better... If you put in some effort (we will teach you exactly how), your income potential is huge! By referring just 9 more members you can earn big cash every single month, check this out:

That's right, you have the opportunity to earn a stunning $88.587 every single month, even if you have only referred a handful of members yourself! 

Because of the fact that we will refer at least 1 sale to every new member, you'll become part of an amazing team that will help you grow your monthly residual income on full autopilot!

So don't wait any longer, get access to all the amazing features Lead-Swaps has to offer, and get paid for joining by following these 2 simple steps:

Please make sure to sign up for a paid Trafficwave account, so we can add your affiliate link to our sales page. As soon as you make a sale from our sales page, you'll earn $17.95 in commissions! This means that you'll get your small investment back in no time. After that you'll be able watch your downline grow and make monthly residual commissions!

I wonder if you have ever seen an offer like this? I mean seriously, the value you get plus the guaranteed income opportunity is not something you come across every day. And it gets even better...

Everybody knows that in order to make some good money online, you need to start building your email list as soon as possible. Your email list is simply the lifeblood of your business, and on Lead-Swaps you find all the tools and features you need to grow your email list and make more money.

By joining Trafficwave and letting US promote YOUR affiliate link, you'll not only get access to the number 1 list building platform on the planet, you'll also get paid for doing so! So what are you waiting for? Complete these 2 simple steps and get started today:

To YOUR Health, Wealth and Success And we'll See You Inside!,
--Dan G. Fox

PS: If you join Trafficwave today from the "green" link above, and send over your details to our support desk, you'll get instant access to our amazing Lead-Swaps platform and you're guaranteed to earn $45 every single month. That's $540 by the end of the year just for joining! Talk about a no-brainer offer...

PPS: Want to take it to the next level? We provide all the tools you need to reach Tsunami level and make some Serious Monthly Residual Commissions! 2015 is YOUR year and we will give you all the help you need to finally live life on your own terms!

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